The Brett Wiesner Scholarship Fund

The Brett Wiesner Scholarship Fund is used for young men and women in the WYSA Olympic Development Soccer Program that need financial help to participate.  The funds assist players with tryouts, training, Region II camps, and national and international travel commitments.

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) is committed to identifying and training the best players in the country. Wisconsin's program had the added benefit of assisting players in their quest to participate in soccer at the high school and collegiate levels.  You can read more about the ODP h​ere, and a full description of the involvement of the Brett Wiesner Scholarship Fund is he​re.

Brett Wiesner Scholarship Fund Directors

Francis Wiesner, Brett's Father

​Rachel Wiesner, Brett's Sister

Melissa Zielinski, WYSA Executive Director

Marco Fabiano, WYSA Olympic Development Program Administrator

Meghan Ward, WYSA Communications & Outreach Programs Administrator